domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010


We are happy to know about your culture, what is your favorite Christmas thing! Each one connects with some special thing, some with Christmas trees, some with snow, some with special gifts.

In Mexico, we celebrate Christmas in a particular way, our culture has some Spanish traits and some American ones.

Join and share your experiences through your most valuable Christmas icon.

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  1. We are 8th graders at Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School in New Jersey. We are about an hour south of New York City. We are excited to start a connection with all of you. Now to answer your question, here we go!

    Diversity is a great thing and an important part of our culture! In our school there are many Christian students that celebrate Christmas. But there are also Jewish students that celebrate Hanukkah, Muslisms that celebrate Ramadan, and many other students of other religious backgrounds with a variety of holidays. We would be happy to share our traditions with you!

    During Christmas we...
    Decorate our homes with lights and a nativity scenes.
    Decorate Christmas trees with lights and ornaments of different kinds.
    We write letters to Santa with our wishes for gifts
    We hang Christmas stockings
    On Christmas Eve we go to mass (church)
    Spend time with family
    Go shopping for presents for our families
    We leave cookies for Santa on Christmas eve.
    People sing Christmas Carols in the streets for people to hear.
    We watch special movies such as Rudolph the red nose reindeer and Frosty the Snow Man

    Other holidays and traditions are:

    One of our classmates celebrates Ramadan. During this celebration people do not eat anything from sunrise to sunset for 28 days. When the sun goes down, people get together and eat. At the end of Ramadan they celebrate Eid and receive gifts.

    Jewish people who celebrate Hanukkah set the Menorah that has 9 candles. For eight days of Hanukkah, they receive small presents each night and on the last night they receive a big present. Sometimes many Jewish people attend the temple to pray.

    Another student in our class is Gujrati and celebrates Diwali. Durng this holiday the family gets together and celebrates the new year.

    This has been a great experience for all of us. We hope to learn from you and learn about your traditions.

    From the students of Sr. Diaz at Matawan Middle School.

  2. Hi there,
    We are Jules Verne Students, we live in Mexico City a very big, crowded and busy city, actually the biggest city in the world. We are very happy to start knowing each other and share learning, new projects and experiences with you.

    It is amazing how many cultures are there in your school, we do not have that great opportunity to learn from different ways of living, most of us are Mexicans, and our families have live here for a long time.

    We find lots of similarities on the way you spend Christmas, but we also celebrate some Mexican traditions that become from Spain and also American ones.

    We celebrate our Christmas holidays with a Christmas Festival in our school, where parents and teachers enjoy singing Christmas Carols and “Villancicos” (Spanish Christmas songs). We will perform a scene of the Nativity.

    We do not have that rich mixture of cultures as you have, but we have a lot of Mexican Traditions such as:

    We drink a hot beverage called PONCHE made of different fruits; tejocotes, guayabas, sugar cane.
    We celebrate our Christmas Eve with a familiar dinner with delicious dishes such as Bacalao (Spanish style), Romeritos (kind of spinach prepared with Mexican Mole).
    Some days before Christmas we have 8 days of parties called “Posadas” that remember the time when Joseph and Maria looked for some place to spend the night. In these parties we break piñatas with seven cones that represent “the seven sins”, we sing traditional songs.
    We also wait for Santa Claus to bring us presents!
    Some of our families like to exchange funny presents just as “jokes” because the Christmas Eve is like a family reunion.
    We decorate our houses with Christmas Trees with man made ornaments made of glass.

    Actually yesterday we visited a factory where we learn how this glass ornaments were made, it was cool because we blew our own glass ornament, you may like visit our blog where we posted some pictures!!! It was cool because we made our own ornament by blowing raw glass.

    We are very happy to learn more from you, from your holidays and your likes and dislikes.

    Jules Verne 7th grade students