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Jules Verne School reading comprehension and arts program

Reading with friends is fun! 

Narrative involves self expression!!!

Another day, another great experience working with young children...

Our program goes far beyond decoding texts; making children learn to comprehend means more than teach the alphabet... The secret is so simple, but at the same time a complex task, it needs to design situations where kids live a whole experience related with every story.  It is more about making connections with their own emotions that will turn them in proficient readers.

That has a lot to do with fine arts too.  Emotions, feelings, perception, listening, senses, colors, textures, smells, sounds, expressions, are all words that are familiar to artists, and also to expert readers who recognize the way they feel towards specific situations, events, and also social relationships, and of course while watching or listening a pice of art or literature. 

Today we read "Glad Monster, Sad Monster" by Ed Emberly with kids from 2Y to 4Y, they talk about the "monster" feelings and express the way they feel about other facts in their personal lives. 




They recognize different colors and relate them to the monster´s feeling and theirs learning new ways to name the way they feel and also shared their experiences with their peers. (in English and Spanish).

Then they chose a monster mask to express and tell others a different situations where they feel the way the monster felt, and invite others to do the same.

Art and literature are liked to onself experiences !

 Collaborative learning since the first years...

Then, they cut masks from colored foami, each of them according to the way they feel in an specific event, and built their own "feelings masks", playing with different materials, colors, and listening to different kinds of music.

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